Sweet blueberry marbled buns - Panini dolci marmorizzate ai mirtilli - Slatko mramorno pecivo s borovicama

I like to capture memories of my time spent at home in Croatia and each time I come back to Italy, to my second home, I write down few words combined with a simple recipe and some pictures. Since some time all my efforts to put down some words were vain. There were other, more essential requirements in these last months that continue keeping me busy and there is a kind of psychological interruption inside of me. Probably my brain took a break trying to minimize all commitments me and Mr. M. are facing at present. Indeed my brain took a long break and it's still not giving signs of any kind of willpower to start running again. I’m afraid it will go on like this until all works in our home will be definitively over.
Yes, we will have bigger home and all our efforts will be rewarded! Now we are demolishing some walls, opening spaces and imagining how will it look like when all the dust and the dirt will disappear. Our tiny home is already full of light, can you imagine how much light will enter in our home when there will be three times more door windows!



…nothing is real but the chance, wrote Paul Auster in the City of Glass and since the moment I read it, this incredible truth is following me in every single moment of my life. It happened for chance that I read about Gradaraworkshop, but I couldn’t have imagined how deep would this event remain in my memory and in my heart and how often would I go back to those fantastic moments.
Fearing for my inadequacy among those young and so talented Ladies, eventually I’ve grabbed this unique opportunity, because I couldn't lose the chance to meet Valentina, Betty or Zaira. Not this time! This time I was the lucky one and I was selfish enough to think only about what I wanted to do. Only a few words, I wrote a short message, but it was enough to express in the most pale way my desire to be part of this adventure. Nothing else, the rest occured as natural consequence of future events.


Nettle pancakes with wild strawberry and rose petals jam - Crepes all'ortica con confettura di fragoline di bosco e petali di rosa - Palačinke od kopriva sa slatkim od šumskih jagodica i ružinih latica

We always had in our garde-manger some medicinal herb my mother used to harvest in the meadow or in the bushes at the edge of the forest. I don’t remember we have ever used infusion bags to prepare a chamomile tea or other herbal teas, like lime or rose hip tea. My mother used to cook various dishes with first young spring herbs and she still does it, she knows very well when to collect different herbs and wild plants and how to dry them and preserve them in the best way. Our family loves the nature and every time we went somewhere for a picnic, we returned home with paper bags full of plants, fruits and flowers. If you picnic in the wild nature, you need to be well equipped, we never went picnicking without the pruning shears or  the knife,  or without the basket and paper bags. At that time plastic bags were not so common as they are today. Think about it, there was not all that dirt around and our land was not so polluted. Sometimes we got the baskets as present from my uncle, he used to do basketwork at home using the elastic willow branches he gathered from the trees that were growing between different lands and properties. Other times some neighbor brought us nice baskets as present. In all these years we have gathered a small collection of baskets. Once upon a time there were many people able to create these simple woody wonders...