My first Pavlova with white peaches - La mia prima Pavlova con pesche biance - Moja prva Pavlova s bijelim breskvama

When I cook pasta alla carbonara, or I bake my fantastic brioche, I usually use only egg yolks, or I use one egg and one egg yolk and so I always have one or two egg whites to be used in a frittata or I prepare small meringues that are like cherries, one after another, me and Mr. M, we finish them in a moment. This time I've decided to try this famous, sweet and delicate dessert that I've never baked before. I always feared it, the great Pavlova. Well, I feared its preparation and the kind of fruits to be used and its size and thousand other details that disappeared when I realized that my meringues remained snow white and so delicate, apparently solid, but so friable and dry. I have not expected to succeed in this experiment, but when I broke my Pavlova while arranging it on the plate I was smiling joyfully! The sound was the original "pavlova cracking sound", so I broke this perfect, thin and well dried meringue and my fingers plunged into whipped cream, cubes of white peaches and mint leafs.
This is the very first Pavlova of my life, but I already have in mind another very special Pavlova and as soon as I will have some egg whites left I will prepare it.


Frozen yoghurt with white peaches – Yogurt ghiacciato con pesche bianche – Smrznuti jogurt s bijelim breskvama

Cicada's concert is live all day long. Until late in the night and I'm listening these summer buzz in the shade of my kitchen. Patiently, all day long, it relaxes me. During hot and humid summer nights it induces sleep. And it suddenly stops, around one o'clock every night. While hot breez cools the air before another shiny day make me craving more and more something refreshing, something soft and easy. And I'm back in the kitchen, in front of the open fridge, absorbing the chilliness that is flowing out from it. Some more seconds. I stay motionless, enjoying the wellness of my body. In that moment I fell very selfish, but I fell comforted, for a while I forget my green nature. I need to forget that I'm consuming energy and harming the environment. My mind is waking me up, I rapidly take a couple of things from the fridge and I close it, rapidly.
Peaches are ripe, perfumed and juicy. White peaches...I didn't like  white peaches when I was younger. Now I adore them, they are not too  sweet, their pulp is so fascinating, so white inside and pink near to the peel.
During one of those hot and buzzing nights I've dreamed about cold, thirst-quenching white peach ice cubes melting in my mouth. Fresh and juicy.
During one of those hot and buzzing days I made this frozen dessert and it turned fresh and easy, not too sweet and thirst-quenching like the imaginary ice cubes from my dream.


Unrolled buns - Danubio invertito - Otvorene buhtle

Great heat of these past days brought me so much exhaustion and lazyness. It interrupted every sign of thinking or writing, even taking new pictures were impossible. My eyelids were sweating, my palms were sweating, the camera got hot after only a while. So I stopped thinking and I decided to relax for a while, I took a break long all weekend. Nevertheless I couldn't find a peace of mind in anything, even baking didn't succeed during those days. I was continuously searching for some fresh place on the sofa, staying motionless and trying to stop the sweating, but all my trying were vain, there were no fresh place on the sofa. Air-conditioning is something I don't want in my house, I love to feel the air waving form room to room, I like the freshness and early morning breeze waking me up every morning. But in these last days even the breeze was hot and humid and the sun was shining so bright and it emanated unpleasant big heat from early morning hours.